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Tracey Cameron Creative
Calgary, Alberta Canada
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    403 852 0509
  • Location:
    Calgary Alberta, Canada
    T2T 3V1
  • About:
    I create art that communicates the essence of the natural world. I like to simplify my subjects, take them to their bare essence and build them back up into something whimsical and engaging. Using derivative shape, I accentuate the subjects nature and create a clarified structure on which I layer color, texture and pattern to create depth and interest. Rather than striving to reproduce what I see, I reveal the small moment of joy-filled wonder I experience when observing the world around me. I do this by expressing dualities. It’s a combination of the complex and simple, the hard edge and the soft, and the raw and the beautiful.

    I am fascinated by the natural world, particularly avian and oceanic creatures. They explore the depths and heights of our environments which we can only access through mechanic means. We occupy the same world but our perceptions are vastly different. Each sculpture I make reinforces this individuality, as no two are exactly alike.
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